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We do make
Extra Large
Sweep Bends

This unusual and beautiful glass structure is one of the stations on a 100-year-old Austrian mountain railway, Nordkettenbahn, all of them with the same look, hinting at the curve of the mountains, glacial flow and other echoes of nature. Fascinated tourists see just the exterior, but buildings like this have integral design components that are just as fascinating. The building designers would undoubtedly have had to include electrical Sweep Bends of the type that Rainbow Bends can easily manufacture.

Double-ended Primary unit in a large sweep bend . . .

. . . and the secondary unit, with only one end socket

Rainbow Electrical Bends is experienced in fabricating large custom bends. We can produce them singly or in any quantity with short lead times. You can order in any angle or radius.

Bends longer than 2600mm are uneconomical to freight and tend to create difficulties in handling and installation. As a result, all of our oversize bends are fabricated in 'splits', each of less than 2600mm length, with one Primary length and as many Secondary lengths as necessary.

Examples: A 90 degree 3000mm (3 metre) radius bend, for instance, would be delivered as 3 x 30 degree splits, one Primary of 1870mm length and two secondary bends each of which would be 1720mm long. A 12000mm (12 metre) radius bend would be delivered as 9 x 10 degree splits - one Primary of 2393mm length and eight Secondary bends, each 2243mm long.

Pricing: Because of their special nature, we always quote on these larger sizes. They are all hand-crafted, so quantity doesn't affect deliver. It can, however, affect pricing to a minimal degree, especially if we need to fabricate a special mould to an unusual size.

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All PVC Sweep Bends and fittings manufactured by Rainbow Electrical Bends are hand made in Australia, from materials that are fully made in Australia to AS/NZS 2053 standards. Our main markets are in Queensland and NSW, and depending on freight costs we can compete for supply anywhere in Australia.

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