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Whilst every precaution is taken to ensure the information herein is correct, Rainbow Electrical Bends accepts no liability whatsoever for errors or omissions. In the interest of continuous improvement, Rainbow Electrical Bends reserves the right to change the specifications or design of any of its products without prior notice.



We can clear
your remainders
when the job
is finished

Call us and we'll remove all your PVC electrical conduit offcuts and scrap

There is one constant with industrial activity: it generates waste, and lots of it. This is especially true of PVC electrical conduit. Of course, dealing with waste is costly - not only in dump fees, but also in wages, vehicle time and lost production.

The answer is simple - call Rainbow Bends and we'll remove all your PVC electrical conduit offcuts and remainders. This is definitely one case where size doesn't matter! If you have conduit waste clogging up your yard or construction site, give us a call and we'll take care of it for you.

Currently, the majority of PVC conduit waste ends up in a landfill. However, landfills do not solve the PVC disposal dilemma. Recycling, however, brings with it some very real benefits.

Reycling PVC helps reduce the amount of new PVC manufactured. Our recycling process uses less than half the energy required to process the original PVC and emits only 10 percent of the greenhouse gases. Hence, it results in significantly lower contribution to global warming.

  • Did you know that recycling one ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space?
  • Around 900 Kg of oil, plus water equal to that used by one person every two months and energy consumption for one year by two people can be saved by recycling just one tonne of PVC conduit.
  • 3,500 to 7,000 litres of petrol can be saved by recycling just one tonne of conduit.
  • It takes up to 500 years to decompose any PVC conduit in landfills.

We can help you do your part towards saving the planet. Call us!

PVC scrap

Rainbow Bends clears plenty of piles of offcuts, scraps and overordered conduit sitting around on construction sites - saving builders dumping expenses and helping the environment.

Call Amber Souter now on (07) 5502 2611 to order
or discuss pickup. After hours: 0430 119 183

Large radius bends! Don't be frustrated when the odd (and we do mean odd) architect
specifies an extremely large radius bend to fit in with that whacky new building they have
designed? You no longer have any problems. Check out our Large Bends page

"Sunburnt" PVC conduit? We've been asked about conduit that has been stored in clients yards that has started to show discoloration, or "sunburn", so we checked out the facts. This is a common occurrance that has very little effect on the conduit and no effect at all once it is buried or painted. You will find all the facts on our sunburn query page

Current Specials:
Slippery Lube 1Litre
Witches Hat x 1

All PVC Sweep Bends and fittings manufactured by Rainbow Electrical Bends are hand made in Australia, from materials that are fully made in Australia to AS/NZS 2053 standards. Our main markets are in Queensland and NSW, and depending on freight costs we can compete for supply anywhere in Australia.

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