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Free info for you!

As we troll through the Web - probably a lot more than you have time for (but, hey, it's our job innit?) - from time to time we come across links or snippets of information that can make your life easier. From now on, as these things surface, we'll post them on this page. Keep an eye on it.

Large radius bends! Don't be frustrated when the odd (and we do mean odd) architect
specifies an extremely large radius bend to fit in with that whacky new building they have
designed? You no longer have any problems. Check out our Large Bends page

"Sunburnt" PVC conduit? We've been asked about conduit that has been stored in clients yards that has started to show discoloration, or "sunburn", so we checked out the facts. This is a common occurrance that has very little effect on the conduit and no effect at all once it is buried or painted. You will find all the facts on our sunburn query page

Ever had a frustrating time setting up for a cable pull? Our advice is "take your time" enough to follow the tips in this video. It makes for a dead-easy job.

Good to see Ross Noble has an interest in Electricians!

Go on - take a well-earned break . . . you've been working hard enough all day, so sit down and enjoy yourself! Recently doing the rounds in Australia, Ross Noble is a stand-up comedian with a mind like a rapier and a hairstyle like steel wool gone mad. In an age where we are never mentioned on stage, it's refreshing to come across this YouTube video where Ross picks up on an electrician in the audience and puts on a 'shocking' display. I've always wondered just how good he actually is, but he meets our mark of being able to raise a laugh without disparaging the person - or the profession - he has taken on board. Enjoy!

An easy one for you!

We came across this nifty little instruction video on Youtube. Well worth a look at, regardless of where you are at with electrical contracting. Shows you don't have to spend big bucks to get fast results. Not much good for the larger conduits, but good ol' Aussie ingenuity could come up with the right answer. Of course, larger contractors with plenty of work should be looking at higher cost, dedicated gear. Wouldn't do to turn up to a major contract with Mum's old vacuum cleaner!

By the way: We don't just tell you about what we've found, we often try it out and in doing so come up with more helpful hints. I gave this a go over the weekend and it was spectacularly successful. With one loud 'thunk'the drawstring was sucked through about 12 metres of 25mm conduit. What I did learn though was - (a)if you can, turn the power down as low as possible on the cleaner. It will still work, but will at least feel more manageable. And (b) only lay out as much drawstring as the length of your conduit, plus a few centimetres. My wife had a huge laugh at my expense as I pulled the covers off the cleaner and extracted half a mile of string, plus the airplug, from all the stinking crap in the dustbag! -- Editor

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